Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Colts 2009 schedule

Week 1 - vs. Jacksonville Jaguars - Well as long as the 2008 Jags show up and not a new and improved Jacksonville team, the Colts shouldn't have a problem with this one.

Week 2 - at Miami Dolphins - Good Monday Night Football matchup.

Week 3 - at Arizona Cardinals - I still maintain that their appearance in last season's Super Bowl was a fluke. But I guess we'll see how well Warner can connect with his receivers.

Week 4 - vs. Seattle Seahawks - Yeah this one's in the bag.

Week 5- at Tennessee Titans - This is a huge division match-up! I think that its outcome will be a big foreshadow for the remainder of the season.

Weel 6 - Bye - Rest up boys!

Week 7 - at St. Louis Rams - Once again, it's in the bag. Thank you NFC West.

Week 8 - vs. San Francisco 49ers - Read above.

Week 9 - vs. Houston Texans - Another big divisional game, I have this feeling Houston is going to have a good season.

Week 10 -vs. New England Patriots - Bring it on! With Brady back in the line-up, the Pats could be a huge threat again. It brings back the drama to this rivalry and makes for a great reason to sing, "I've been waiting all day for Sunday night."

Week 11 - at Baltimore Ravens - Another tough game and without homefield advantage. Hopefully the Ravens defense and their newly found offensive can be tamed by the Colts explosive offense.

Week 12 - at Houston Texans - Back to what I said about week 9, except in Houston.

Week 13 - vs. Tennessee Titans - Another one that makes me nervous.

Week 14 - vs. Denver Broncos - Dear Kyle Orton, Thanks for the win. Love, Leah

Week 15 - at Jacksonville Jaguars - We'll see how the Jags season plays out, this could be a big one for the Colts playoff hunt.

Week 16 - vs. New York Jets - I'm not worried.

Week 17 - at Buffalo Bills - I will be freezing cold cheering in the stands for this one. I think the Colts will make the playoffs before this game though so the starters probably will be on the bench.

With the exception of the mid-season madness starting with the Pats game, I'm feeling pretty confident this season.


The Prodigy said...

I take it you're a Colts fan...?? LoL

Nice breakdown, but just because you're cute doesn't mean you'll be right.

I think Mr.Orton and the Broncos will have something to say about this schedule.....even if they only have a little to say, it's something, right? LoL

Barbie said...

Haha uh oh I'm upsetting my favourite Bronco fan!

The Prodigy said...

LoL...No, I'm not upset :o(

...but just know one thing Barbei, I WILL be calling you on Sunday (week 14)


BrentCo said...

Week 16 would scare me if I were you!!!