Thursday, October 8, 2009

Edwards is far from Lebron, Crabtree caved and other week 5 news

Mark Sanchez has a new target to throw to this Sunday after the Browns traded WR Braylon Edwards, which we all know had something to do with him getting in a fight with Lebron's friends. C'mon Cleveland. We're not the dumb. We can put two and two together; even little blonde me could figure it out. We'll see how Edwards plays in New York. But I'm not really expecting much. I still have no faith in the rookie Sanchez (especially after last week).

The Browns, on the other hand, got WR Chansi Stuckey, LB Jason Trusnik and two undisclosed draft choices. They also came very close to stealing a win from the Bengals last week. This week, they're playing the Bills. I have a feeling the Bills are just going to get worse and worse the more T.O. gets frustrated. So perhaps the Browns actually pull out a win on the road this week.

Crabtree finally realized that 1. he's an idiot, 2. he's not going to get more money and 3. if he gets redrafted next year, he's really not going to get more money. He agreed to a 6-year, $32 mil deal with the 49ers after holding out and somehow the moron actually got more money (previously was offered 5 years, $20 mil). We'll see if he's worth it. I think this year is probably going to be a bust for him.

Other news around the league, QB Donovan McNabb is listed as probable and will most likely start for the Eagles against the Bucs. QB Matt Hasselbeck is expected to start for the Seahawks. The Steelers will probably be without Troy Polamalu again [he's still busy making Head & Shoulders commercials (side note: Troy, I love that commercial. It makes me laugh. Good job!)]. Eli Manning is likely to start on Sunday despite his heel injury. The Cowboys are probably without WR Roy Williams and RB Felix Jones.

I'll post picks later today.

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