Thursday, October 23, 2008

Injuries, suspensions, and fires - oh my

Everyone seems to be injury prone this season! Week 7 saw a lot of talented players leave their games early: RB Reggie Bush, S Roy Williams, S Rodney Harrison (yeah yeah I included him in a list of talented players - that's as nice as I can possibly be to a Pat), QB Jay Cutler, S Troy Palomalu (bad week to be a safety apparently), WR Devin Hester, QB Brodie Croyle (although the Chiefs are hopeless anyway - maybe I should change the list from 'talented injured players' to 'starting injured players').

What's worse than the injuries though is the suspensions! TE Kellen Winslow won't be playing this weekend thanks to comments he made about the Browns. Dude don't hate on your team; that's just too old T.O.-like. WR Matt Jones will be playing on Sunday and will start his 3 game cocaine suspension week 9. CB Adam 'Pacman' Jones is out indefinitely and in rehab now. RB Larry 'I like to beat women' Johnson doesn't have an official suspension yet but he's inactive for week 8 too for obvious reasons.

It seems like Donald Trump has taught a few teams this year his favourite phrase, "You're fired!" Mike Nolan was the latest coach on the chopping block after the 49ers started the season 2-5. The Raiders' Lane Kiffin got the boot after starting 1-3. Interim coach Tom Cable is 1-1 since taking over. The Rams fired Linehan after starting 0-4, since then the Rams under Haslett are 2-0. Is Singletary going to have the same luck? So who's next? Wade Phillips? The Cowboys have lost 3 of the last 4. Not good for a Super Bowl pick. Marvin Lewis? - his 0-7 Bengals are too talented to be winless. Rod Marinelli? - 0-6 Lions are looking pretty pathetic. Brad Childress, Romeo Crennel, Herm Edwards?? Frankly, I think they're all in trouble.

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