Monday, October 13, 2008

It's the end of the world as we know it and the NFL feels fine?

Is it just me or has climate change/global warming affected the NFL? The NY Giants are the number 1 team?? We’re talking about the team last year that everyone considered a fluke to have even made the playoffs, let alone win the Superbowl! The Redskins and the hip hip hoorays of Jim Zorn are dominating and then lose to the Rams?!? How does that happen? How does anyone lose to the Rams? The baby Falcons are 4-2? Chad Johnson should legally change his name again to 0 and cinco! Last night’s matchup of the Chargers and Patriots should have been the game of the season. Instead, I didn’t even watch it because frankly, it’s just not as fun watching the Pats lose without Tom Brady. Watching them lose the Superbowl with Tom Brady, now that was fun. Watching the Brady-less Pats lose, just feels like picking on the little kid sitting in the corner with no friends. I have never seen people fall off the bandwagon so fast.

Playing pick ‘em is downright impossible. Nothing is logical. Even the analysts don’t have a clue what’s going on. Look at the division leaders. AFC East - the Bills? No one say that coming and if they say they did, then they're probably responsible for Brady's knee. The standings are interesting to say the least.

Then the injuries! My fantasy team is more banged up than Pacman’s hotel room. The top picks are plagued with injuries. Let’s start from the top and cover QBs this week: Brady, Romo, Manning (it took him until yesterday to get in the groove from his offseason knee surgery and play like the Peyton we know), Palmer, Young, Hasselbeck, Edwards. The number 1 fantasy QB in the league right now is Rodgers; he wasn’t even drafted in my league. I picked him up week 2. Seriously. Hey Brett, I guess you now know why the Pack wanted you Favre, Favre away. But, then even good old Brett is showing the league how it’s done. Six touchdowns in one game; good on ya! But, thanks for doing it the week that Rodgers (my starting fantasy QB) gets injured and you’re sitting on my bench.

But what kind of effect does this have on the league? I feel like I’m on my toes. No game’s a gimme – I mean even the Rams won a game now and I definitely didn’t see that coming. It’s exciting nonetheless to see different teams emerge victorious. Although, my biased, little heart was broken to see the Colts receive their first September loss since 2004. 3-2 is still a winning record but I miss starting 5-0.

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