Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My T.O. rant

Here's the thing with T.O. Yeah he's a bit of a drama queen. But here's the thing with this whole situation, the Bills didn't win. So yeah T.O. is being a baby about losing his streak, but I can understand his frustration. If the Bills won and he was bitching about things, I'd just be like oh that's just T.O. being T.O. However, since they didn't, I get it. I'd be annoyed too if my team lost and I didn't contribute to the team at all. So for the first time in my life, I'm going to say, "Lay off T.O."


MR. CHAP said...

Wow...I wonder how the coaches feel about the statement "we're just going with the plays that are called".

What do you think, Barbie? Was it play calling? Execution? A little bit of both?

Barbie said...

Well Dick Jauron is lucky to still have his job IMO. And in terms of execution, the pass attempts to T.O. in that game were pretty bad. Also, bringing in T.O. was a bad idea in the first place for Buffalo. Edwards is a young quarterback with a lot of potential. The more unproductive T.O. is, the more he's going to get in Ewards' head.

NFL Classifieds said...

T.O. was Right about the Dallas Cowboys and Tony Romo! That's why they HAD to Get Rid of him. Because the hardest thing in the world to do, is to admit your faults. And of course, to admit that T.O. is right.

Further: Terrel Owens Loves his fans and loves showing off For them. Tony Romo couldn't care less (Tony has said so on Many occasions). So now you tell me, which one Should a fan love in return?