Monday, January 5, 2009

Broken-hearted wild card weekend

Falcons @ Cardinals - Rookie mistakes vs. old man experience. Arizona's mediocre defense actually stepped up and caused turnovers from Atlanta's hot offense. Funny little fact I read this morning: this is the Cards' first home playoff win since 1947 and I'll give them another 62 years to get their next one. They face the Panthers in Carolina on Saturday. Good luck Cards, you're going to need as much of it as possible. And sorry Falcons fans, but really you should just be amazed that you made the playoffs.

Colts @ Chargers - All I have to say is I hate the Broncos for their late season self-destruction which gave the AFC West to the Chargers. And now my little broken heart will weep for days as I pray the Steelers defense makes the Chargers offense cry for help. I swear I'm not bitter at all...

Ravens @ Dolphins - The Ravens defense dominated the Dolphins. The Fins turned the ball over 5 times including 4 INTs from Pennington. It was just ugly. Pennington looked far more like the rookie than Flacco did. Although, I do have to give props to Miami for coming back from last season's pathetic 1-15 finish to winning the AFC East and making the playoffs this season. Ravens meet the Titans on Saturday; should be a good one!

Eagles @ Vikings - The surging Eagles continued to surge with a win in Minnesota, which isn't very surprising. The Eagles will face the reigning Super Bowl champs, the NY Giants, on Sunday in New York. The division rivals should put on pretty good battle.


Colts_Suck said...

Go Chargers Go!

Down with Peyton Manning and the colts!

Anonymous said...

here's to my eagles kicken the hell outta the Gmen!!

it was totally a "wild card" weekend, who would have thought all the teams that were under dogs pulled it off. i did want miami, i've got a soft spot for chad pennington. next year right LOL!

Shaun said...

Amazed that we made the playoffs?

It's called faith! Something true fans have.

Then there are other fans who believe their entitled to winning. I won't name any names, but y'know... *smirk*

Barbie said...

Shaun you already know that I'm entitled to everything not just winning :P haha Also that's quite the picture of you. When did you become so feminine?

Me-Me King said...

Living in Arizona, football hasn't always been as exciting as it has been this year. We built a huge stadium (Super Bowl requirement) and it looks like it's finally paying off for the Cardinals.