Sunday, January 25, 2009


This isn't news but it made me laugh.

So Friday night some friends and I were out and we got into a discussion of what is better: the NCAA or the NFL? After some valid comments, my buddy Luke says "College ball is packed with more action and goodness." Action and goodness...needless to say the discussion ended because no one knew how to reply to that. But I did promise Luke he'd get a quote on my blog for that one so once more ladies and gentlemen:

"College ball is packed with more action and goodness." - Luke Morris



Patriot said...

Not sure what "goodness" means in the context in which it was used.

College ball is great, but in my opinion until it gets a playoff system, the NFL is better.

For instance, if Florida was now able to play Utah, that would be exciting to watch.

Barbie said...

Haha none of us were sure what 'goodness' meant there. That's why we found it funny.

But I agree with you. The NCAA has great football but the system is so political that it doesn't seem fair.