Sunday, January 11, 2009

Divisional Sunday

Well today was less of a WTF so I can't call it part 2.

Eagles @ Giants - The soaring Eagles continued playing red hot while the Giants just played like they only half showed up. The Giants just couldn't get anything going and were held out of the endzone and to 5 field goal attempts (only 3 were successful). They also couldn't convert 2 crucial 4th downs in the 4th quarter. With the Eagles win today and the Cardinals win yesterday, this is the first time a top 3 seed isn't in the NFC Championship game. Now there is a WTF part to this outcome, the Eagles have to travel to Arizona for the game. That's right the Cardinals get home field advantage...WTF. I'm giving that one to the Eagles.

Chargers @ Steelers - Run Willie run! Willie Parker ran all over the Chargers defense for 146 yds and 2 TDs. The Chargers held on for the 1st half but in the 2nd half the Steelers showed them who's boss. If the Chargers had have won today, all 4 road teams would have upset the home team and that would have been a WTF moment but luckily, the Steelers put the Chargers in their place after breaking my heart last week. Now the Ravens will visit Pittsburgh for the AFC Championship game. I'm feeling a Ravens upset to make it an all-bird Super Bowl.


Anonymous said...

HA, that would be sweet Barbie! all bird bowl!!

yeah let's hope big ben can stay upright for some of this game, i don't think the guy can handle anymore hits!

zona's got a solid set of wide outs, should be an interesting one!

Barbie said...

Yeah I have a feeling the Ravens D is gonna have a lot of fun with Big Ben on Sunday.

And here's hoping the Eagles make the SB for ya! But the Cards are starting to scare me as the fluke team like last year's Giants lol

Anonymous said...

i know, i hear ya about the cards, that's why i'm takin it one game at a time LOL!

HA, ray ray sure will have fun with ben, they HATE the steelers...BOUNTY bowl comin up !!

Chaotically Calm said...

Yeah go Eagles.....and just think only a few wks ago I was complaining and calling for death to Andy and Donovan....just goes to show I am a true Philadelphia fan.

I predict a Steelers Vs Eagles Super Bowl.

Anonymous said...

HA Chaotically Calm, i still want andy gone, but it isn't happenin anytime soon! jeff would have to pay him anyway & we all know jeff isn't about losin money!

FA is going to be interesting to see who we keep.....Dawk, Runyan, Tra & Donovan are all up on the block!

i cannot imagine ANY of those guys in any other colors then our midnight green! although i have heard big jon is lookin to retire!