Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Redskins do it again

Since 1936, the Redskins' last home game before an election has correctly predicted the results of the Presidential election (with the exception of 2004). If they win, the incumbent party stays in power. If they lose, the other party wins. Well the Skins lost Monday night, which meant bad news for John McCain. So now the Redskins are 18-1 at predicting Presidents. Their one incorrect prediction was the 2004 election, where they lost their last home game predicting a Kerry victory but Bush stayed in power. A pretty terrible election for America giving Bush another four years. We've all seen how that turned out. So I guess that was a huge "loss" for the Redskins win-lose record. Funny 18-1 has a familiar ring to it. Didn't someone else finish 18-1 with their only loss a huge one? New England fans - can you remind me? I don't remember!

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