Sunday, November 23, 2008

McNabb on the bench

Donovan McNabb got benched at half time today for lack of productivity. Here's a list of things he was probably doing during the 2nd half:

1. Reading the NFL rule book - Wow guys games really can end in a tie. That's AMAZING!
2. Texting Romo to see how well he gets along with T.O. - 213 yds? Really that well??
3. Telling Andy Reid he hopes they can continue their man-love which is equivalent to Madden/Favre.
4. Writing an "I'm sorry" letter to T.O.
5. Eating Chunky in hopes he can keep his deal with Campbell's because Momma McNabb will be angry otherwise.
6. Wondering if the Ti-Cats need a QB since his wife's already in Hamilton.
7. Learning to play hockey - since the NHL has no ties.
8. Looking at a Rogaine pamphlet to reverse the obvious balding.
9. Applying for a position in Obama's administration.
10. Wondering if he should take down his fathead of Andy Reid he has above his bed.
11. Calling his travel agent - Hi I'd like to book a trip to somewhere warm on Dec. 29th. No no don't be silly there won't be a post-season for me.
12. Creating a Facebook event for Pacman's return - C'mon Pacman I know you wanna party!
13. Thinking "Ha ha Kolb's so cold with his bare arms and look at me looking like a little baby all bundled up in my coat!"
14. Checkin' out time shares in a Florida retirement community
15. Wondering how many licks it takes to get to the centre of a Tootsie Pop.


Anonymous said...

that was the least funny thing i've even read. and i watch MADTV!

Barbie said...

Thanks make it way too obvious when it's you and not someone that matters :P

Anonymous said...

Hey this is funny shit! Didn't realize any women followed football like this. I saw you found our site and even added us to your blog roll. Thanks a ton, hit me back if you'd like to chat. I'm interested to hear why you like our site so much. I'll add you to our blog roll immediately.