Monday, November 24, 2008

Week 12 Already???

It's week 12 already! This season is zoomin' by! Anyways you know the drill.

Bengals @ Steelers - Big Ben didn't get sacked!!! Aww Benny your O-line doesn't hate you as much as we all thought. The Bengals really are brutal though. I don't know what else to say. The AFC North is going to be interesting down the stretch with the Steelers and the Ravens.

Eagles @ Ravens - In the battle of the birds, the Ravens pecked the Eagles to death. Andy Reid pulled McNabb out at half time (see post below) due to lack of productivity and put in Kevin Kolb who equally sucked. High five Coach! Good call! The Ravens took this one to improve to 7-4 and put them one game behind the Steelers for the AFC North.

Texans @ Browns- Oh wow. In a game of who sucks a little bit less, the Texans came out with the W. The Browns had 5 turnovers in the game. Romeo Crennel pulled Quinn and put in Anderson in the 3rd only to have the same results the Eagles saw from benching McNabb. Although I'm sure Brady was probably thinking "Hmmm I heard McNabb got benched too I wonder if I can scoop up his Chunky deal - you can never have enough endorsements!!"
Bucs @ Lions - So I'm watching the Eagles/Ravens game when I look at the Fox score ticker and see 17-0 Lions. Surely this must be a computer glitch! So I grab my laptop and check Yahoo! Sports - same score, I go to - same score. I wonder if the world is ending around me. Then the Bucs woke up and the world corrected itself! Yay! That was a scary moment though.

Bills @ Chiefs - Dear Buffalo, you still make me want to gag. But thank you for finally winning after the pathetic performances you've been putting out lately. Just one thing you should be aware of - the Chiefs only had the ball for 24 mins and in those 24 mins they put up over 400 offensive yards and that's after having 5 turnovers. That should never happen. Just an FYI that's all. Oh yeah and love, Barbie ;)

Bears @ Rams - So the guy I was playing this week had Chicago's D for fantasy. FML! (If you don't know what that means - check urban dictionary). Forte ran all over St. Louis. Rams QB Bulger left the game after a hit to the head and Trent Green (yeah that's right he's still around apparently) came in only to throw 4 INTs! Clearly went to the Brett Favre School of Quarterbacking! But hey the Rams at least scored a FG! Way to go guys! We're all so proud.

Jets @ Titans - Yeah bitches!!! It happened! Someone finally beat the Titans. Unfortunately, it was the Jets but the '72 Dolphins thank you. The Titans didn't look like an undefeated team throughout this game though. Sloppy passes accompanied with drops and no running game was ultimately the end of the Titans undefeated season.
Patriots @ Dolphins - Matt Cassel. I want to hate you based on the principle that you are a Patriot but I can't. You spent your entire NCAA career playing backup. Your entire NFL career playing backup and now you're the little backup who could! 2 weeks in a row with 400 passing yard. Shit son! How pumped are you that you're a free agent after this season?? Or better question how pumped is your agent? The Fins kept it close until the 4th when the Pats ran away with this important divisional game.

Vikings @ Jaguars - Vikes' D kicked butt! They beat up on Gerrard sacking him 4 times and held the Jaguars' backs to only 35 yds! The win keeps the Vikings in line for the 3-way tie for 1st or 2-way tie depending on tonight's matchup with the Packers/Saints.
49ers @ Cowboys - So you know how I said the guy I was playing this week for fantasy had Chicago's D...well he also had T.O. (fml again!) T.O. living up to his words that the offense was nothing without him had 213 yds yesterday! In case you were wondering that's 27 fantasy pts in my league...yeah I definitely lost this week haha. The Cowboys are now 7-4 tied with the Redskins and I have a feeling are going to make a good wild card run after a rocky start.
Raiders @ Broncos - Things the Broncos don't like doing: 1. winning at home, 2. winning a divisional game and 3. looking like idiots...No wait they like doing number 3. Fun stat time - the Raiders hadn't scored an offensive TD in 15 quarters; they scored 3 in one half yesterday. The Broncos still hold onto the division at 6-5 with a 2 game lead over the Chargers who lost last night.
Panthers @ Falcons - The shootout of the south! One good thing about fantasy this week - the guy I was playing against didn't have Michael Turner!! The Falcons got 4 TDs from their RB. The Panthers loss leaves them tied with the Bucs for the division with the baby Falcons nipping one game behind.
Giants @ Cardinals - Who is this version of Eli Manning and where did he come from? Baby Manning has come a long way in 5 seasons with the Giants. Justin Tuck continued with his sacking. And overall I think it's time to finally say it...*sigh* here we go "TheGiantsarethebestteamintheNFC" Or if you ask Tyler, the NFL.
Redskins @ Seahawks - Welcome back Jim Zorn! The former Seahawk QB turned Redskins head coach snuck away with a victory in Seattle. Portis ran all over Seattle's D with 143 yds, despite a banged up knee. The win keeps the Redskins in line with the Cowboys for a serious wild card threat.
Colts @ Chargers - I think my heart stopped beating at least 3 or 4 times during this game. The Colts always have trouble with the Chargers and as soon as Peyton threw his first pick, I had flashbacks of last year's 6 INTs and missed field goal. But, the Colts and their horseshoes managed to pull this one out. Vinatieri kicked a 51-yd as the clock expired to win this one and keep the Colts in wild card contention!
Tonight we've got Packers @ Saints - I've got the Packers - only because my only chance of winning fantasy this week is if Rodgers throws about 300 yds and 4 TDs to Jennings. So Packers 34-27.

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