Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Week 10 in review

Ok so I'll admit I actually didn't watch much football on Sunday. Could be because of the blah matchups minus a few. Anyways here we go again.

Broncos @ Browns - Ok so I was bummed that Brady Quinn didn't win his first career start but despite losing he had a great debut. Cutler threw for 447 yds (damn boy!). The Broncos 4th quarter comeback won the game and broke their 3 game losing streak keeping them at the top of the AFC West.

Saints @ Falcons - I'm still in awe/shock/random words over the Falcons. This was a must-win for both teams seeing as the NFC South is incredibly close. I'm also in shock over the fact that rookie QB Matt Ryan has only thrown 5 INTs all season. I feel like he should teach Mr. INT himself Brett Favre a few lessons (Yes John Madden, I just went there!). Falcons win this one 34-20.

Titans @ Bears - 9-0...shit! I mean we all knew the Titans had this one in the bag once the Bears announced Grossman as their starting QB but seriously can someone PLEASE beat the Titans?!

Jaguars @ Lions - Could the Lions possibly get any worse? They sign Culpepper and what does he do? Well he simply became a Lion and sucked like the rest of them. Jones-Drew ran all over the Lions D when it came to finding the endzone. 3 TDs for him this game. Maybe the Lions should just forfeit the rest of this season because frankly they look worse than last year's Dolphins.

Ravens @ Texans - The Ravens have an offense that can score???? 41 pts!? Am I missing something or are Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco trying to have a huge run for rookie of the year? At this rate, I'm thinking a Ravens/Falcons Super Bowl could be interesting. Who would have EVER thought that? Oh yeah the Texans still suck. It's all your fault, Sage.

Seahawks @ Dolphins - The Dolphins are out to prove that they aren't the same team as last year. A 3 game winning streak and 1 game out of first place for the division? Pennington is proving he's a great leader for this team's offense and Joey Porter has 12 sacks on this year showing that Miami actually can play defense without what's his name? Oh yeah the Dancing with the Stars guy...the guy who's been useless this year. Oh Jason Taylor you whiney, little brat.

Packers @ Vikings - Another must-win game for both teams. The NFC North is so tight (and so pathetic). Crosby missed a 52-yd FG attempt as time ran out to give the Vikings the victory over the Pack. Also, the Packers gave up 2 safeties. Seriously guys, that's brutal.

Bills @ Patriots - Oh Buffalo, Buffalo, Buffalo. What is going on? You started this season with a bang and now you've dropped 3 games in a row. 3 division games! It's like you guys had an epiphany "OMG! We might make the playoffs! We have to start losing" I understand you probably hate playing in Buffalo and frankly, I don't blame you but you're stuck there, deal with it. Win a divisional game!

Rams @ Jets - 47-3. I really don't know what else to say. The Rams had that momentary burst of non-suckiness and now...47-3? Moving on...

Panthers @ Raiders - Now here's where I'm going to question why the score wasn't 47-3! 16-7 Panthers. Seriously? Delhomme threw 7/27 and 4 INTs. Did he think, "Hey we're only playing the Raiders. I only have to gave aboue 15% today." I mean he was right; they still won. But still!

Colts @ Steelers - As my friend likes to call him Ben Worthlisberger handed the Colts this game. Thanks Benny :)

Chiefs @ Chargers - Oh boy. The Chiefs almost pulled this one out. If Edwards wasn't such a poor coach. Did he think he was playing Monday night or something? Why would you go for 2?!?! Please explain this to me. You tie the game and go to OT and then kick a FG.

Giants @ Eagles - So maybe the Giants aren't as overrated as I (and everyone else) originally thought. They held the ball for 39 mins in this prime time NFC East matchup. I would just like to make one statement though: Next time, let Westbrook run please. He killed my fantasy week!

49ers @ Cardinals - Apparently there was a game last night?! Dear NFL, when making the schedule please explain to me how you thought this would be a great matchup for MNF?? Love, Leah

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Blondettes said...

WOW, I may not know a ton about football, but I do know that Kendra Wilkinson (From the Girls Next Door/playboy) is engaged to a Philadelphia Eagles reciever, Hank Baskett. I think football players are hot too!

Love Ms.Blonde