Monday, November 3, 2008

Half-way there - Week 9 in review

Week 9 is half-way through the NFL season and starts to paint the playoff race. Let's recap Sunday's game and see who looks playoff bound and who looks like they're in need of some work.

Jets @ Bills - The Jets won this important divisional matchup leaving the AFC East one of the tightest divisions in the NFL. With the Pats, Bills, and Jets at 5-3 and the Dolphins at 4-4, this division could send any of these teams to the playoffs. Notes on the game: Favre threw his 300th INT making his the only person in NFL history to reach this mark. Way to go buddy!

Lions @ Bears - Oh my. The Lions almost saw their first win of the season. They blew their lead 10 pt lead at the half to drop their 8th game in a row. The Lions just signed Culpepper to a 2 year deal to add to the "Old QB Boys Club" the NFL's got going on right now. Maybe he can help them win a few games but sorry Lions fans, no playoffs this year. Bears have the NFC North lead right now at 5-3 but the Pack and the Vikes are breathing down their necks at 4-4.

Jaguars @ Bengals - In the game of the big, scary felines, the Bengals FINALLY pulled out a W. The Jags almost came back in the 4th scoring 16 points but that wasn't enough. Final score 21-19. Bengals aren't going to the playoffs and if the Jags want to hang in there for a wild card spot, they need to start winning (wow that was such an obvious Madden statement).

Ravens @ Browns - Yawn. Browns could have had this important divisional game as they had the lead until the 4th quarter. Instead they lost leaving them 3rd in the division at 3-5 and the Ravens at 5-3. The Steelers still have to play tonight and are at 5-2. The Steelers should take this division but if the Ravens continue their winning streak they could be wild cards.

Texans @ Vikings - Schaub left the game injured leaving Rosenfels to try to rally the Texans past the Vikes, which he could not. AP ran for 139 yds. The Texans are in the basement of the AFC South. The Vikes are one game behind the Bears for the top spot in the NFC North. The Vikings could take the division but they're got the Bears and the Packers to fight for it and I'm not seeing that happen.

Packers @ Titans - The Titans remain the lone undefeated team in the NFL despite giving up 390 yds to the Packers. Unless something goes drastically wrong, the Titans look like they'll be taking the AFC South title. The Packers are sitting at 4-4 behind the Bears, tied with the Vikings.

Cardinals @ Rams - I'm going to hand the division to the Cardinals now and not even talk about this game.

Bucs @ Chiefs - The Bucs almost got embarrassed huge! Actually having to go to OT against the Chiefs is embarrassing in itself. They're lucky they pulled this one out. The NFC South is a tight race, the Bucs couldn't afford to lose such a gimme. And the Chiefs...well yeah better luck next year boys.

Dolphins @ Broncos - The Dolphins have now won 4 times as many games as they did last year! And the Broncos are on a 3 game losing streak. Luckily for them, they're the only team at 500 in their division so somehow at 4-4 they look playoff bound. Unless the Chargers remember how to play football.

Cowboys @ Giants - Oh Dallas, what is wrong with you? I realize you still have a winning record but you're in the toughest division in the NFL right now. You need to be playing better than that. Romo or no Romo - pull it together! Also, who can stop the G-men?

Falcons @ Raiders - The Raiders suck. The end.

Eagles @ Seahawks - The Seahawks also suck. Eagles are on a 3 game winning streak. Watch out for them in the wild card race with Westbrook back.

Patriots @ Colts - The rivalry of the decade wasn't the same as normal. But the Colts came out with the win and that's all that matters in my world. Bob Sanders returned after missing 5 games and intercepted Cassel, which pretty much secured the victory for the Colts. Addai also returned after missing a couple weeks, but not much production from him: 32 yds on 17 attempts.

Tonight's game between the Steelers and Redskins should be a good one. Both presidential nominees will be there reminding you to get out and vote tomorrow. I'm going with the Skins 17-14.

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