Monday, November 17, 2008

Week 11 Recap

Week 11 here we go.

Jets @ Patriots - So I think Brett Favre read my blog hating on him because he played a perfect game. Thanks Brett making me look like an idiot. I'm going to write it off as blondeness and still continue my dislike for you. Cassel is really starting to come into his own. He threw 400 yards and 3 TDs. But the Jets took the game and the division in OT. For an NFL overtime rant you should check Dave's Football Blog

Broncos @ Falcons - Despite having the ball for about 7 minutes more, the Falcons fell short to the Broncos. The Broncos seem to have gotten a grasp of things again and look poised to take the AFC West seeing as they're the only team with a winning record in that division. The Falcons have a tough schedule for the rest of the season with the exception of the Rams might be a hard for them to grab a wild card spot but maybe.

Lions @ Panthers - I'm going to say it: 0-16. It's just not going to happen for the Lions. I'm sorry guys but the rest of your schedule is hard and you can't win. I'd love to see you prove me wrong but you are worse than last year's Dolphins. Panthers and Bucs have a good run going for the division. Whoever doesn't win the division has got a wild card spot.

Eagles @ Bengals - A tie is worse than kissing your sister, so Donovan pucker up! This just had pathetic written all over it. But it just goes back to my point about the kicker being the hero or the zero. Graham missed a 47-yd attempt wide-right with 8 seconds left in OT to leave the game at 13 all. One other thing - yes Donovan, games CAN end in

Saints @ Chiefs - Not a shocking game. Other than Tyler Thigpen doesn't suck that bad. Larry Johnson returned this week to do not much. Saints won - duh. Moving on to less crappy match ups.

Ravens @ Giants - Can the Giants repeat? Seriously? To me last year was a total fluke. But this year, the Giants actually look good. Joe Flacco apparently missed his calling though. He ran for 7 less yards than all 4 RBs for the Ravens. Flacco - 57 yds; 4 guys in total - 64 yds. Uh huh...

Vikings @ Bucs - Defense wins games right? Well in this one it certainly did. Frerotte was sacked 5 times. The Vikes could have used the win seeing as their division is all tied up at 5-5 well and then there's the 0-10 Lions. The Vikes have a moderately tough schedule left so who knows what happens to them. And like I said Bucs make the playoffs one way or another.

Raiders @ Dolphins - Way to go Miami. You barely beat the Raiders. High five!!

Packers @ Bears - The Packers destroyed the Bears in this one to the point that Fox switched off the game for lack of competitiveness. They held onto the ball almost 15 mins longer than the Bears. That's a whole quarter! Urlacher finally did something after being pretty much useless this season. An INT but when your offense can't do anything with the ball it doesn't even matter.

Texans @ Colts - My boys pulled it out. Peyton is back!!!! He's thrown 7 TDs in the last 3 games with no INTs. The division is obviously out of reach with the perfect Titans, but the Colts are sitting at 6-4 with a fairly easy schedule coming up. Only one of the 6 teams the Colts have left to play have winning records - unfortunately it's the Titans. But last season, the Colts lost to the Titans giving them a wild card spot on week 17. Maybe history will repeat itself in the other direction.

Rams @ 49ers - Simply put - the Rams suck. The 9ers scored 28 points in the 2nd quarter alone! That's all I can say because in reality both teams suck.

Cardinals @ Seahawks - So um yeah the Seahawks suck too. You turn the ball over 4 times you know you can't win it. Hey Kurt Warner, have fun in the playoffs.

Titans @ Jaguars - Blah the Titans win again. I don't like writing this. So yeah moving on...

Chargers @ Steelers - This game was so boring to watch honestly. But the Steelers pulled it out despite 115 penalty yds. They owned the ball 14 mins longer. The Steelers offense was productive in every way other than crossing the goal line. The final play drama caused an uproar in Vegas but the game would have had the same victor either way.

Cowboys @ Redskins - Romo came back with his pinky in a cast. Portis started despite the sprained MCL (ouch). But the Boys took this one to keep their playoff hopes alive.

Tonight we've got Browns @ Bills - can the Bills stop their losing streak? I'm going to say yes since the Browns aren't in their division and they know how to win games against non-AFC East teams. Although I'd like a Browns win in this one. My prediction 23-17 Bills.

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