Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fighting back Barbie tears...

*Sigh* Brady Quinn's season is done five days before my buddy and I road trip to Cleveland to see our beloved Colts kick some Browns butt. I'm not going to lie though. Brady, this is heartbreaking. I've gotten girls into football based on the shirtless pictures you have on the internet. Whatever works, right? Anyways, now you've gone and ruined that. One thing though, at least I know this game's a gimme with Derek Anderson quarterbacking. So in some ways, I thank you Brady for getting injured in your second career start. In others, I wish you'd just learn to throw with your left hand. That index finger doesn't look broken. You can do it!
My apologies to all the boys who just had to read that. I'm sure when Tom Brady got injured all the female football bloggers who have no taste in men cried about it too.


vanessahope said...

Dear Brady Quinn;

I do not understand football other than the fact that you are the equivolent to Carrie Bradshaw on my beloved Sex and the City. I do however understand what a smokeshow you are, so yes, I am now interested in this wonderful sport where men wear tight little white pants and have named like " tight end". brilliant. please get better soon... or at least do some half naked commercials during your recovery period.

Eternally yours,


twominutedrill said...

o shut it

MR. CHAP said...