Sunday, December 7, 2008

Just hand over your wallet Toronto

The first regular season NFL game in Canada will be played today in Toronto at the Skydome...err I mean Rogers Centre (ah eff it it's still the Skydome in everyone's mind). So I already made my views on the London games known. So now what's wrong with the Toronto series. Oh man where do I begin?

Well first of all, for any Toronto football fans to go to the game they've got to open their wallets and actually you know what just hand their entire wallet over. The average ticket price at the Skydome errr Rogers Centre is $183 CAD (about $144USD). Average ticket price at Ralph Wilson? $51.24USD. (Source: National Post)

Next problem - the closed dome! The Bills should never play a "home" game indoors. That's not Bills football. Bills fans wanted the dome open. So of course, the dome is closed. The elements are part of the game. I've been to an indoor game there. I saw last season's International Bowl there. It's not the same. The atmosphere is just not the same at all.

3rd problem - Back to the money factor. So it's almost $100 more to see a game in Toronto than in Buffalo. Now Toronto is only about 2 hours out of Buffalo. According to Mapquest, it's about $10 in gas if your car gets about 25 MPG. So now let's say it's you and your buddy going to the game:
  • 2 tickets for Dolphins/Bills in Toronto = $288USD

  • 2 tickets for a game in Buffalo = $102USD

  • Gas to Buffalo from Toronto (return) = $20USD

  • Tolls/border crossing = $5USD

  • Parking in Buffalo = $15USD

  • Parking in Toronto = $15USD

  • Total for Toronto game for 2 people = $303USD

  • Total for Buffalo game for 2 people = $142USD

That's a difference of $161!! That's ridiculous!

Next up - tailgating. Good luck with that in Toronto. Just another way Toronto will kill the atmosphere surrounding Bills football. How many tickets and arrests will happen today? Welcome to Canada; leave your beer at home :(

Next - (oh I can keep going and going) - the CFL. I'm not a CFL fan at all. But Mike Vanderjagt and the Toronto Argos can't be too impressed with this.

Ok I'll stop but seriously keep the Bills in Buffalo. Please!


Anonymous said...

Oh and don't forget the small little detail how TORONTO DOESN'T EVEN HAVE BUFFALOS!!! We would have to call them the Toronto Seagulls or the Toronto Rabies Infected Raccoon.

Love (platonic),

Carol said...

I am so impressed by your knowledge! Seriously!

This sums up what I know about football even though I attended every high school game: the ball is made of pig skin (ewwww!)and some of the boys are hawt!

MR. CHAP said...

*sigh* this is my Heaven

Barbie said...

The NFL in Canada is your heaven? Or were you referring to something else?