Monday, December 1, 2008

Week 13 Recap

This week's recap might be a little rough seeing as I'm going 100% off of highlights since the only game I saw this Sunday was the Colts/Browns game. So if I miss anything, please fill me in!

Titans @ Lions - The Lions are so terrible this year that I'm actually starting to feel for them. They only got 154 offensive yds in this matchup against one of the best teams in the NFL. After losing last week to the Jets, the Titans wanted to remind everyone that they still are a force to be reckoned with.

Seahawks @ Cowboys - Another terrible team vs. good team blowout. The Cowboys suffered some injuries to big players though during this one. Ware and Barber both left the game. Both are listed as day to day now. The Seahawks need to do some big restructuring seeing as this is the first time they've lost 10 games in 8 seasons.

Cardinals @ Eagles - Ok Donovan, I'm sorry. Happy now? I said it. I'm sorry. The Eagles dominated this game and my fantasy team LOVED it! Westbrook got 2 receiving TDs and 2 rushing TDs. Thank you!! Just a thought for the Cards though - maybe you should stop playing on Thanksgiving. You've lost the last 8 games you've played on Thanksgiving. Too much tryptophan perhaps?

49ers @ Bills - Please see this post about the Bills. All I've heard about this game was that it was only mildly better than the Colts game. Trent Edwards left the game with a strained groin. Once J.P. Losman is your QB, you know you've just got another loss, man. (Ok that was bad). The Bills can kiss any playoff hopes bye-bye.

Ravens @ Bengals - The Ravens continue to play well, not that they had much of an opponent, but I'll still give them props. WR Mark Clayton threw a TD, everyone is lovin' the wildcat formation this season.

Saints @ Bucs - With the Saints loss on Sunday, I think their playoff hopes are done. The Saints need to establish a running game seeing as relying on Drew Brees just doesn't work. The 3 INTs were the losing factor in this one.

Giants @ Redskins - As much as I thought it would affect the Giants, Plax's drama seemed to be completely out of the Giants' minds. The Giants have one thing on their minds and that's winning. And they are definitely winning. With the loss, the Redskins fall one game behind the Cowboys now, which could be a big factor for the wild card race.

Dolphins @ Rams - If Phil Dawson played for the Rams...haha ok I'll stop with the Phil Dawson stuff. In the battle of the field goals, the Dolphins managed to get a TD to put them ahead and still in the playoff race. And well the Rams, there's always next year.

Colts @ Browns - The rain made it impossible for either offense to get anything going. Addai fumbled the first play of the game. Peyton only threw 125 yds. LB Gary Brackett left the game with an ankle injury, leaving the Colts defense missing two stars since Bob Sanders didn't start. Both kickers missed field goals. Derek Anderson left the game with a sprained MCL and will miss the rest of the season. Ken Dorsey is now the starter in Cleveland and I've just learned that if he gets injured return specialist Joshua Cribbs will play QB. I actually feel bad for Browns fans now.

Panthers @ Packers - Panthers' RB Williams ran in 4 TDs in this back and forth battle. Despite controlling the ball for 15 mins longer, the Packers drop this one to the Panthers and look like their playoff hopes are over at 5-7.

Falcons @ Chargers - I love how at the beginning of the season the Chargers were supposed to be one of the best in the AFC. They're now 4-8. And the Falcons are 8-4. LT continues to disappoint this season with only 24 yds.

Broncos @ Jets - Yes!!! Brett Favre sucks again!! Muhahaha! Also, for the life of me, I cannot figure the Broncos out. Both teams still lead their divisions. For the Jets, that's an accomplishment in the AFC East where every team is at least 500. For the Broncos, that just means they're the best in a group of losers.

Steelers @ Patriots - I love this picture. The Pats had 5 turnovers and Matt Cassel did not have 400 yds. Yay!

Chiefs @ Raiders - Apparently, the Chiefs won. Apparently, no one cares.
Bears @ Vikings - The Vikings took the top spot in the AFC North, which had been tied up for a while, with this win. The Vikings defense got to the Bears offense, which had to depend on rookie RB Matt Forte since QB Orton was too busy throwing INTs.
Jaguars @ Texans - Currently, it's 13-3 Texans.

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