Monday, December 22, 2008

Week 16 Recap

Colts @ Jaguars - In continuing to prove that he should be MVP this year, Peyton led the Colts to a 31-24 victory completing 29 of 34 passes for 396 yds and 3 TDs. The Colts' 4th quarter comeback wrapped up the 5th seed in the playoffs, while the Jaguars fell to an abmysal 5-10 for the season.

Ravens @ Cowboys - Goodbye Texas Stadium; thanks for the memories, but Cowboy fans will definitely want to forget this game. The game was fairly boring until a very crazy, very exciting 4th quarter. Each time Dallas looked like they were coming back, the Ravens' running backs had a response. And what a response it was! First, McGahee for 77yds and then McClain for 82 yds. The win keeps the Ravens in for the 2nd wild card spot and shockingly the Cowboys got the help they needed to keep them in line for a wild card spot too.

Bengals @ Browns - Yawn. What a boring battle of Ohio. The Browns' 3rd string QB Dorsey played so poorly ( injured. Is it just me or are the QBs in Cleveland getting purposely injured?) that 4th string QB Bruce Gradkowski came in for an INT, a sack and an 8.3 rating. Awesome Browns...awesome! Anyway the Bengals won...not that it matters.

Saints @ 0-16 ...I mean Lions - 42-7. The Saints offense spread the love around with the fantasy points. 2 TDs for Brees to Colston, and a TD each for Thomas, McAllister, Bell and Meachem. And ummm the Lions did stuff? Kevin Smith had a good game 111 yds and a TD. OMG! I think that's the first nice thing I've said about the Lions! I knew it could happen eventually.

Cardinals @ Patriots - In a game that meant nothing to the Cardinals and everything to the Patriots, both teams played exactly the way expected. The Cards decided the snow wasn't their cup of tee. The Patriots decided making snow angels would be a great way to celebrate a touchdown. The Pats hang on to AFC East title hopes.

Steelers @ Titans - In game 1 of the battle for home field advantage, the Titans showed the Steelers what they were made of and the Steelers showed the Titans that Big Ben enjoys throwing INTs and getting sacked. The Steelers held in there until the 4th quarter but they just couldn't match the Titans.

49ers @ Rams - Oh NFC West, why oh why do you exist to torture us with terrible teams and terrible matchups? The 49ers squeaked out with a victory in game they shouldn't have won.

Dolphins @ Chiefs - The Chiefs gave the Dolphins quite the battle to keep their playoff dreams alive. The two teams combined for nearly 900 offensive yards. The Dolphins finally took the lead in this shootout with 4 minutes left in the game and held on to stay in the hunt for January.

Chargers @ Bucs - Ok seriously? What the hell is going on? The Chargers crushed the Bucs. This win keeps in the running for the AFC West title (thanks to a Broncos loss explained later). For the Bucs, their playoff hopes need a lot of help when a few weeks ago they looked like a for sure.

Bills @ Broncos - Despite having nearly twice the amount of offensive yards, the Broncos dropped the ball (no pun intended) huge on this one. They had a chance to lock up the West and secure a playoff berth but instead they have to battle the Chargers in San Diego next Sunday night to find out how the West will be won.

Jets @ Seahawks - Brett Favre spent his career in Lambeau Field. He spent his career playing in a cold, frozen tundra!! So why did a little snow in Seattle shatter the Jets' playoff hopes? Now not only do they need to beat Miami next week but they need the Bills to take it to the Pats. The Dolphins are now looking to win the AFC East. How funny would that be to watch Chad Pennington lead the Dolphins who finished 1-15 to the playoffs with a victory over the Jets, his former team, next week?

Texans @ Raiders - The problem with week 16 matchups is a lot of them don't matter. This falls into that category. The Raiders beat the Texans to "improve" to 4-11 while the Texans failed yet again to have a winning record at 7-8.

Falcons @ Vikings - The Vikings had more yards, longer time of possession, less penalty yards, more passing yards, more rushing yards, etc. So why did the Falcons win? Simple...they didn't rub their hands with butter before the game. The Vikes lost 4 of 7 fumbles. The Falcons are proud owners of a playoff berth while the Vikes are praying for a Bears loss tonight with the North still open.

Eagles @ Redskins - The Cowboys lost. The Bucs lost. Are the Eagles going to step up and move in for the wild card spot? Nope. At least next week's games are going to be exciting to see who wants to go to the playoffs. Because by the way the contenders played this week, it seems like no one wants to.

Panthers @ Giants - Game 2 of the battle of home field advantage and what a battle it was. The running backs showed that they are kings of the field. The Giants backs combined for over 300 yards (over 200 alone for Ward) and Panther Williams had 4 rushing TDs. The game went to OT and set up a great preview of the potential NFC championship game. The Giants came out with the win and the number 1 seed for the playoffs.

Tonight we've got Packers @ Bears. The Bears need to win this one to keep their playoff hopes alive but the Pack would love nothing more than to crush that dream at Soldier Field. Should be a good one.


Patriot said...

The Broncos don't deserve to win the West... and this is from a huge Broncos fan.

Boy, what a game the Panthers-Giants game was. I think Carolina takes it if they were playing at home. I hope this is just a warm up for the NFC Championship, which frankly might be the real Super Bowl this year.

Barbie said...

No one deserves to win either west division!! Both divisions shouldn't get a playoff team. Give an extra wild card spot to both conferences instead.

But if the Broncos do make the playoffs, the Colts are taking 'em down so hard 1st round!! ;)