Monday, December 1, 2008

Phil Dawson IS the Cleveland Browns

After my weekend in Cleveland, I realized something. Cleveland Brown fans LOVE Phil Dawson. I've never seen so much love and praise for a kicker. Then, I realized something else. He's their only source of offense so of course they love him. 95 of their 213 points scored have been from him. And now that Anderson's out; Ken Dorsey is the Browns' QB so we know there's not going to be anymore passing TDs in Cleveland...I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Dawson is the 4th string QB. Crennel's got to be thinking, "Hey Phil scores all our points anyways he might as well do it all!"

Next - Cleveland Browns fans: I'm really disappointed in every last one of you. I was decked out in a ton of Colts gear and not one of you chirped me or even attempted to boo me. The Browns were leading most of the game. No one said a word. So Cleveland, your fans aren't as rowdy as they were made out to be. I'm kinda upset. I was all fired up for some good ol' fashioned football chirpin'!

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MDdawg said...

Sorry you weren't impressed by our reception, but the season ended a long while ago for Browns' fans. We're tired after a full season of watching losing football, venting at our boring and uninspired coach, not scoring a single offensive touchdown in four games, and oh yeah we haven't beaten Pittsburgh in FIVE FREAKIN YEARS. Hell, the most passion we've seen is when the general manager sent an email to a fan suggesting he f*** off.

And, oh yeah who cares about the Colts? Come back some other time and I'm sure we'll be happy to give you a proper visitor greeting. Come in a Steeler jersey if you really want to see Cleveland fans at their best.

Go Browns!