Thursday, December 11, 2008

T.O. will pick a fight anywhere he can

So Terrell Owens is doing what he does best again: bitching. Seriously T.O., you are the whiniest player in the NFL. Romo's ignoring you? Seriously? C'mon man (Keyshawn's rubbing off on me)! What happened to your little man love for Tony? Remember last season? You cried for him. Now you're picking a fight with yet another QB. I wouldn't throw to you either if I was Romo. Grow up T.O.; you're 35, act like it! And in case you forgot about T.O.'s crying fit, enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Barbie,

I would've never guessed that you're an avid sports fan. Cool hobby you've got here. It's too bad I'm neither into football or beer. I was hoping we'd share a cold body, but I guess I was mistaken with who I thought you were.

My apologies,