Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Week 15 Recap

Saints @ Bears - The Bears kept their playoff hopes alive by squeaking out a win in OT. Despite dominating in offensive yds and time of possession, the Saints lost, which could have been due to their 97 penalty yds and Drew Brees' inability to find his receivers instead of the Bears defense. Also, just to clear things up, Mike Carey let everyone know before the OT coin toss, that if there was not a winner after 15 mins, the game would end in a tie. Thanks Mike but I think the entire NFL league knows that now.

Bucs @ Falcons - Another OT game. Jeff Garcia didn't start for the Bucs, but they hung in there tying it up in the 4th to force OT. But as we know, you just can't beat an NFC South team at home and the Falcons K Jason Elam's game winning field goal continued to improve that stat.

Redskins @ Bengals - ....uhhh did I miss something? Did the Bengals miss the memo that they suck? Or do the Redskins really, really not want to go to the post-season? They're 1-5 for their last 6 games. When it became 17-0, I stopped paying attention and just started to wonder if Clinton Portis convinced the Redskins to all revolt against Jim Zorn.

Titans @ Texans - While the Bengals missed the memo of sucking, the Texans missed the memo of there's only 17 weeks, why become red-hot when you're already eliminated from playoff contention. Jeff Fisher gave the game to the Texans by opting to go for it on 4th&3 with 2 mins left instead of kicking a 49-yd field goal when being down by 1 pt. Please Coach Fisher, can you explain your rationale on that one?

Packers @ Jaguars - With this loss, the NFC North is now left up to the Vikings or the Bears. David Garrard actually played a great game with 238 yds and 2 TDs. I'm disappointed in the Packers though. They've lost 6 of their last 7 to put them at 5-9. With the Brett Favre drama during pre-season there, I really wanted the Packers to stick it to him and show him they didn't need him.

49ers @ Dolphins - The Dolphins put an end to ther 49ers destruction of the AFC East with a 14-9 victory. This win also keeps them in the race for the division title against the Jets and Patriots. The 9ers dominated in yards and t.o.p. but just couldn't make it to the endzone. Field goals just don't cut it.

Seahawks @ Rams - In a game that had absolutely no purpose, the Seahawks won. No one cares though so moving on.

Bills @ Jets - Oh J.P. Another week, another loss man. These jokes just never get old. The Bills had the lead with less than 2 mins left to go when Losman got sacked and fumbled the ball. The Jets returned that fumbled for a TD to ensure their win. My friends who are Pats fans (yes I know I'm friends with the enemy) were less than impressed with Jippy.

Chargers @ Chiefs - Uh huh...the Chargers keep their playoff hopes alive by improving to 6-8. I just threw up in my mouth a little by saying that. A late 4th quarter TD (with a missed 2 pt conversion) gave the Chargers a 1 pt win over the Chiefs. Man that division makes me want to gag. Might as well move the Bills to the west so they can all have fun losing together.

Lions @ Colts - La la la ooo look shiny light...moving on...Ok but seriously I think I went white when the Lions tied it. I was speechless. I was scared. The Colts couldn't possibly lose to the Lions. They smartened up and won 31-21 but seriously very disappointed in you boys for letting it get close with the worst team I've ever seen.

Vikings @ Cardinals - So all my friends fought with me on this one. Why are you picking the Vikings, woman?? Well let's see, the Cardinals coming into this game were 3-5 outside of their division. The Vikings need the win. The Cardinals already clinched. The Cardinals are overrated. Jackson needs to prove himself. And after 21-0 in the 1st, I knew the Vikings had this one in the bag.

Steelers @ Ravens - Once again, with the last minute magic, the Steelers steal this one from the Ravens to win the AFC North. The TD caused some controversy over its legitimacy but regardless, it counted and the Steelers won.

Broncos @ Panthers - Not shocking. The Panthers kicked some ass at home as expected. This win makes next week's matchup between the Panthers and Giants even more exciting seeing as whoever wins that gets homefield advantage for the playoffs. This win also improves the NFC South home team win-loss record to 26-2. Luckily, for the Giants, next week's game is in New York so maybe they have a shot.

Patriots @ Raiders - The Pats blew out the Raiders to the tune of 49-26, which keeps them in playoff contention with the tight race in the AFC East. Now sure their offense can put up points but their defense should be embarrassed giving up 26 pts to one of the worst scoring offenses in the league.

Giants @ Cowboys - Romo figured out how to solve the problem with his players. I'm just going to throw to EVERYONE! 9 players caught at least one catch on Sunday night's matchup. While Romo threw 2 TDs, little Manning threw 2 INTs. The Cowboys are eyeing the playoffs, while the Giants need to smarten up if they want the number 1 seed.

Browns @ Eagles - I was dragged to a party by a friend last night (yes a party on a Monday night...it's Christmas time...don't judge) so I didn't get to see this game but the Eagles won 30-10. Also, Ken Dorsey really sucks so I think it'd be fun if Romeo lets Joshua Cribbs play QB for the next 2 weeks or just run a wildcat offense every play.

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Dan said...

re: Titans/Texans: Fisher explained his choice to go for it on 4th and 3 - kicking into the wind, and Bironas was leaving them well short from that distance in warm-ups before the game. Fisher said in the post-game conference that his bigger mistake was not taking the wind because he "thought we'd have the game well-in-hand" by that point.

True story; that's what you get for underestimating a team.