Monday, December 29, 2008

Week 17 Recap

Well boys and girls, we've now made it through another season of the NFL. Bring on the playoffs! Here's what happened this week:

Rams @ Falcons - The Falcons came out on top in this shoot out in Atlanta. Despite having the ball 11 mins less and having 3 turnovers, the Falcons finish 11-5 on the season and 2nd in the NFC South. Michael Turner and Stephen Jackson lit up the running game for both teams. Turner had 208 yds and 1 TD and Jackson had 161 yds and 2 TDs. Great fantasy stats for anyone in their championship week.

Patriots @ Bills - The wind was the biggest factor in this game. At one point, they actually had to fix the goal posts because the wind had caused them to lean. Tough elements for throwing caused both offenses to utilize their running games. The Patriots ran the ball 47 times while Cassel only had 8 pass attempts. The wind was so strange that both missed field goals were wide right (at opposite ends of the stadium). The Pats came out with a 13-0 victory over the Bills and had to watch the Jets/Fins and Jags/Ravens games to find out their playoff destiny.

Chiefs @ Bengals - I think Marvin Lewis decided that he wanted to keep his job in Cincinnati and a late season surge might help him keep it. The Bengals won their last 3 games after starting the season 1-11-1. Herm Edwards led his Chiefs to a 2-14 record this year. Are both coaches on the chopping block?

Bears @ Texans - The Bears needed a win and a Vikings loss to make it to the playoffs. They didn't get either. The Texans made a late season surge finishing 4-1 in their last 5 which coincides with the return of Matt Schaub. The Texans ripped apart the Bears defense with 455 offensive yds. Maybe the Bears are going to need to rethink their defense's ability and stop saying that that's the best part of their game.

Giants @ Vikings - It was a day of rest for the Giants but they still gave the Vikings a game of it while the Vikings fought for the NFC North title. The aptly named Ryan Longwell kicked a 50 yd field goal with 5 seconds left to send the Vikings to the playoffs as the number 3 seed.

Panthers @ Saints - The Panthers needed to win this game to win the NFC South and get the number 2 seed for the playoffs. After 3 quarters, it looked like it was going to be a walk in the park for Carolina. Until the Saints decided at the beginning of the 4th quarter that they were going to play. After scoring 21 points in the 4th, the Saints took the lead 31-30. Panthers kicker John Kasey kicked a field goal with 3 mins left in the game to take the lead back 33-31 and secure the win. Noteworthy: Brees just missed Dan Marino's passing record by 16 yds for the season.

Browns @ Steelers - Good God the Browns are just brutal. Roethlisberger suffered a concussion and had to be carted off the field and the Steelers still took it to the Browns 31-0. Phil Dawson missed a 53 yd field goal which would have been the Browns only source of points. I'm disappointed Phil; I even made you a poster.

Ready for the mass firings in Cleveland. GM Phil Savage and Coach Romeo Crennel are gone today after a 4-12 season. But really all I care about is if Brady Quinn will be starting next season or not.

Raiders @ Bucs - Um wtf Tampa Bay? I think that's the question most people are asking. Did you start the Christmas partying too early? Like maybe for the entire month of December. 0-4 this month means no playoffs for you. A win and you could have been in the playoffs! Idiots!

Titans @ Colts - Both teams rested starters, but as suspected Manning came out to get the yards he needed to have his 9th season with 4000 passing yards. MVP - can't you hear it? :) The Colts backups dominated the Titans backups led by original starter Vince Young.

Lions @ Packers - Oh Lions. Congratulations on history! First team ever to go 0-16. Marinelli's fired. Who's next?

Jaguars @ Ravens - A Ravens win puts them in the playoffs. They dominated the Jags 27-7 and clinch the number 6 seed for the playoffs.

Seahawks @ Cardinals - The Cards decided to actually show up this week and show why they're in the playoffs. Despite having 100 penalty yards, less time of possession and 2 turnovers, their 457 offensive yards and 34 points showed that maybe they do look like a playoff team. Although, I see them getting knocked out week 1.

Redskins @ 49ers - The 9ers squeeked out a win as time expired to finish 4-1 in their last 5 games. The 49ers have confirmed that Singletary will be back as head coach next year. And as for the Redskins, although Jim Zorn claimed to be "the worst coach in the NFL" his team finishes at 500 for the year in one of the toughest divisions.

Jets @ Dolphins - Fins win and they're in the playoffs. Fins lose and the Pats are in. Jets win and they don't look stupid for the Favre/Pennington thing. Fins win and Pennington gets to stick his tongue out at them. So many story lines! I loved watching Favre throw 3 INTs while Chad threw 2 TDs. It was a beautiful moment haha. Anyway Miami is in the playoffs after finishing 1-15 last season. They finish 11-5 this year. Oh and Mangini is looking for a new job after being fired as head coach of the Jets.

Cowboys @ Eagles - After the Bucs loss earlier in the day, all eyes in the NFC went to this game as the winner gets the 6 seed in the playoffs. Apparently the Cowboys didn't get this memo. 44-6. That's all I have to say. Look for the Eagles to upset the Vikes 1st round and look for a mass firing in Dallas.

Broncos @ Chargers - I hate the West. That's all. Ok but really, did the Broncos know this was basically a playoff game for them? 52-21? BRUTAL! All I have to say is San Diego you're going down next week ;)

Playoffs next week!


Shaun said...

Go falcons?! :)

Anonymous said...

haha like I said, even in Arizona no one likes the cardinals