Monday, December 8, 2008

Week 14 Recap

It's Monday you know what that means: I should be doing homework but of course I'm blogging instead. So what happened this weekend in football?

Raiders @ Chargers - Seeing as this was a rivalry game, you think the Raiders would have elected to show up. Apparently, they didn't think so. It was UGLY! The Chargers played more like the Chargers everyone expected all season but when you consider who they were playing, it wasn't all that impressive. Also, what a terrible matchup for a prime time game. The NFL has been disappointing with their schedule making this season!

Jaguars @ Bears - This one was over on the Jaguars opening drive when Garrard threw an INT which the Bears turned into a TD a few plays later. This win keeps the Bears in playoff contention one game back of the Vikings. The Jags have dropped 4 in a row and now sit at the bottom of the AFC South.

Vikings @ Lions - Gus Frerotte left the game and the Vikings offense was left up to previous starter turned backup Jackson. The Vikings had quite the scare for the majority of the game as the Lions led them. But never fear, it's the Lions. They can't possibly win a game this season and they keep continuing to prove that. They're on their way to 0-16 stardom!

Bengals @ Colts - The Colts finally have a blow out! Peyton had one of those games, we've come to expect from him over the years (unlike most games this season). 26/32, 277 yds, 3TDs. The Colts defense sacked Fitzpatrick 5 times and held the Bengals to only 3 pts. This win keeps the Colts at the top of the wild card spot.

Eagles @ Giants - So my theory is after Plax told his (most likely soon-to-be-former) teammates, "Win this one for me," they all thought to themselves, "HAHAHAHA!! Yeah right!" And then proceeded to give the game to the Eagles. Anyone care to argue?

Browns @ Titans - I would like you all to refer to this post. What would the Cleveland Browns do without Phil Dawson? He's their only source of points. Don't forget to get your Pro-Bowl vote in for him! Despite having 131 penalty yds and 3 turnovers, the Titans won this one easily and clinched the AFC South.

Falcons @ Saints - The NFC South is all about the home team. The NFC South is collectively 23-2 when playing at home. So please tell me why so many people picked the Falcons? In a back and forth offensive shoot-out, both teams put up 414 yds and it came down to the final 2 mins for the Saints to take the lead and win the game. But 23-2, man the NFC South is serious about no one messing with their house!

Texans @ Packers - I love seeing guys who are warm climate players without sleeves at Lambeau. Matt Schaub came back after a 4 game hiatus (with sleeves...hint hint Tony Romo you're an idiot) and showed the Packers defense he meant business passing for 414 yds and 2 TDs. And despite having 4 turnovers, the Texans won a cold one in Green Bay - no sleeves and all.

Dolphins @ Bills - This was supposed to be a Bills home game. So why were there so many Fins fans? Easy; Welcome to Canada, leave your tailgating supplies and Bills jerseys at the border. In a lack lustre game, the Dolphins came out on top to join the 3-way tie of the AFC East.

Jets @ 49ers - Hi we're the 49ers, we can only beat teams from the AFC East because it screws up their hunt for the division title. Miami, you're next ;)

Patriots @ Seahawks - I became prematurely excited to see the Patriots trailing for most of the game. Although, perhaps the Seahawks should bump Wallace up to starter and telling Hasselbeck to enjoy the bench. They've really got nothing to lose.

Chiefs @ Broncos - After trailing at half time, the Broncos realized how incredibly embarrassing a loss to the Chiefs at home would be. After losing 3 in a row at home, the Broncos stepped up and beat the Chiefs 24-17. Although they'll make the playoffs with a divisional title, don't expect the Broncos and their inconsistency to win a playoff game.

Cardinals @ Rams - Oooo!! An exciting NFC West matchup! Ok sorry sometimes I ooze sarcasm just too much. Um the Cardinals clinched the west with a dominating record of 8-5!!!!! Gross.

Cowboys @ Steelers - Hi my name's Tony Romo. I was born in Wisconsin. Do you know what that means? I'm too much of a man for sleeves! Well Tony, you're a moron. In one of the strangest offensive battles I've seen, the Cowboys decided that handing the game over with 1:40 left seemed like the best idea. Also, once again Big Ben's o-line went ahead and showed their disdain for him. At one point, Big Ben's back was just grass. With the Cowboys' loss, the Giants clinched the NFC East.

Redskins @ Ravens - Joe Flacco and his flock of Ravens want it. They want it so bad. Ed Reed became a household name after his performance last night. The Ravens' D held Portis only 32 yds and got 2 INTs off of QB Jason Campbell. With this win, the Ravens remain one game behind the Steelers in the North and in line for a wild card spot.

Tonight we've got Bucs @ Panthers, the NFC South goes to 24-2 at home after this game giving the Panthers a one week lead of the division. Don't worry Bucs fans, it's only a week.


Patriot said...

Having lived in South Florida for over 10 years there's a lot of Canadians who winter there, so it's not surprising Dolfans outnumbered Bills fans.

Don't count the Broncos out yet; however, losing Peyton Hillis will not help.

Now living in North Carolina, I am glad to see the Panthers doing so well. What will be interesting is when my Broncos come to play the Panthers this weekend. I'll be rooting for the Broncos, but not terribly unhappy if the Panthers win.

Barbie said...

If the Panthers play the way they played last night, the Broncos are going to get smoked!

The Logisitician said...

With respect to the Raiders Chargers game, I lived in Los Angeles for 30 years, and on a flight from Los Angeles to Oakland, I was surrounded by drunken Raiders fans. What I later learned is that it is a tradition for Raiders fans to travel down to San Diego prior to the game, drink it up in Tijuana, and then return to Oakland the day following the game. It is quite a spectacle.

Saw your blog mentioned on blogcatalog's Introduce Yourself and Your Blog, and decided to visit. Nice work. Keep it up.

Nonoy said...

First time I've seen a football blog! Of course I was wasn't too diligent in searching due to my hectic schedule! Surprise! Surprise! This blog is being written by a woman! How old are you girl? Anyway, I'm a Brett Favre fan and is currently rooting for the Jets! Well, I must admit Favre doesn't seem to be his usual spectacular self! He's surely piling up his stats on interceptions! He's got a total of 17 after their game with the Bills versus 21 TDs!